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What is .380 ACP?
The .380 ACP is a handgun round designed by John Moses Browning. It was developed in 1908 for a variant of the Colt automatic pistol line’s 1908 pocket hammerless semiautomatic. It was created as a rimless round with the headspace on the case mouth rather than the rim for better accuracy. The cartridge itself is a variant of Browning’s earlier .38 ACP round.
What does .380 ACP stand for?
.380 ACP is a descriptor for the cartridge and its operation. It provides information regarding the caliber and usage of the round. Seeing the designation .380 ACP means the ammunition is a .380 caliber Automatic Colt Pistol round.
What is the difference between .380 Auto and .380 ACP?
There’s not a real difference between the two. The terms themselves are different methods of saying the same thing. Saying .380 Auto is essentially a shorthand version of .380 Automatic Colt Pistol round.
How much is ACP ammo?
The price of ACP ammunition varies by caliber, but this is a relatively inexpensive round in comparison to other styles. Due to the existence of multiple kinds of guns that fire ACP rounds, even in only one ACP caliber, the ACP cartridge is common. This has helped to deliver the round at a reasonable price. It’s typically priced a few cents each more for each round than 9mm rounds.
Where to buy .380 ACP ammo?
You can purchase .380 ACP ammunition via most ammo vendors. It isn’t always as common as 9mm or .45 ACP, so this can somewhat limit options, although it’s still widely available. Buying online is by far the best method for guaranteeing successful purchases and to avoid running into limitations on options.
What is the best .380 ACP ammo for self-defense?
“Best” is always a subjective term in any situation, especially with regard to ammunition. However, there are some rounds specifically designed for self-defense purposes, and those are better suited for that scenario. Every self-defense situation is going to be different, but typically the most common round for self-defense is a hollow point of some kind, and .380 ACP is no exception.
Can I buy .380 ACP ammo in bulk?
Just as with other configurations, .380 ACP is available in bulk. Bulk .380 is considerably cheaper than buying it in standard boxes. An online comparison will quickly reveal how much you can save when buying in bulk, and Ammunition Depot is happy to provide bulk .380 ACP in many forms.