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Are you looking to go hunting, hit the range, or just ramp up your home defense? Well then, you’re in the right place. At Outdoor Ammory Shop, we carry a huge selection of magazines for rifles and handguns. You wouldn’t settle for second-rate when it comes to your ammo, so the same should go for the magazines you’re loading up. When you want your ammo ready to go at a moment’s notice, you need magazines that make for a precise and efficient load. Ruggedness and reliability are the hallmarks of any magazines worth their weight. Have a look around and you’ll see each of our magazines stand up to the test.
Where Can You Buy Gun Magazines?
Gun magazines are for sale almost everywhere you can buy ammunition or a gun, including here at Outdoor Ammory Shop. Your local gun store is likely to have many of the most popular magazine types in stock, while less common models can be found online. In many states, you can buy a gun magazine from anybody selling one without having to register the sale or fill out a Dealer’s Record of Sale (DRoS) form. In states with strict gun laws, you may be limited to buying only from a licensed gun dealer. Check your local laws before agreeing to buy magazines from anywhere but a gun store.
How Many Gun Magazines Should I Have?
There is no correct number of gun magazines you should have. Instead, you should carry the number of magazines that allows you to shoot consistently without pausing to reload, balanced against the cost of extra magazines and the added weight of carrying them. Most magazine-fed guns come with one or two factory mags out of the box, with the option to buy aftermarket magazines later on. Each gun you own has a different optimum number of magazines, which is different from one gun owner to another and from one purpose to another (think hunting versus target shooting at the range).
How Should Gun Magazines Be Organized?
People organize their magazines in several ways, depending on how they intend to use them. You can efficiently store more than a dozen magazines over the long term inside a steel ammo box, many of which conveniently stack in tight spaces, such as closets or truck beds. Shooters who frequently visit the range might keep a few magazines ready to go in their range bag. Hunters might opt for wearable pouches and web gear. Even a large enough pocket is adequate for some magazines that you need to carry on you.
What Are Gun Magazines?
Magazines are firearms accessories that hold ammunition for semiautomatic handguns and long guns. Some guns, such as most slide action shotguns, have internal magazines that cannot be detached or sold separately from the gun. Many bolt action rifles have a similar attached-magazine arrangement. In semiautomatic handguns, the magazine is most often stored inside the grip. Rifles tend to have a magazine mounted forward of the trigger guard. When the magazine release is pressed, the magazine drops free of the gun. This allows you to rapidly load another magazine and keep shooting. Magazines are not to be confused with clips, which are blocks of rounds bound together by a metal binder or strip, which may be inserted into a gun’s magazine as a unit.
What Are the Best Gun Magazines?
Gun magazines are judged for quality by how durable they are, how reliably they feed ammo into battery and how expensive they are. If your gun can only accept one model of magazine, then that is the best mag for you. If you have a choice of manufacturers, such as with AR-15 and AK-47 magazines, then your choice has to balance reliability with capacity and durability. In the end, you are the only one who can decide which magazines work best for your guns and your shooting habits.
What Are the Laws for Buying Gun Magazines?
The BATFE does not regulate gun magazines as weapons, so there are no federal laws restricting the purchase or possession of magazines, though imports may be restricted. Individual states sometimes regulate magazine ownership or trade. In some states, such as California, magazines are limited by size and capacity. The sharing, selling and lending of gun magazines is sometimes restricted by state and local laws. Check with an attorney who handles gun laws in your area to make sure your magazines comply with legal requirements.y
Which Guns Use Magazines?
Detachable magazines are common in semiautomatic handguns and modern hunting and sport rifles. Revolvers keep their ammunition in revolving cylinders that are technically magazines, but are not typically referred to by that term. Single shot rifles and double barrel shotguns do not have any internal or external ammo storage, but keep their loaded rounds in battery.
Can Gun Magazines Be Shipped Through the Mail?
There are no restrictions for buying magazines through the mail in most states. If you live in a state with restrictive gun laws, you might only be allowed to buy a magazine from a licensed gun dealer. Even in restrictive states, you can usually order magazines online that would otherwise be legal to own where you live, provided you have them shipped to a gun dealer in your area rather than to your home. If your state regulates the importation of magazines, be careful not to bring magazines across the state line on your own without consulting with an attorney.