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Outdoor Ammory Shop has a significant portfolio full of the cartridges that all rifle shooters want and proudly offers the finest ammunition available at excellent pricing for mainstream shooters to the esoteric ends of the market. It is this range of in-stock items that has continuously set Ammunition Depot aside from the competition because we truly make it a point to have everything in stock across the board as often as we can. From 20 round boxes to case lot purchases, we have anything your modern rifle needs.
What is considered pistol ammo versus rifle?
Whether ammunition is pistol or rifle ammo is defined by the ATF using jurisdiction provided under the Gun Control Act of 1968. It’s the ATF’s job to define ammo to assist in regulation. The ATF defines ammunition based on the firearm the round is designed for. Rifle ammo, then, is ammunition designed to be fired from a rifle. Pistol (or handgun in ATF terminology) ammunition is intended for use in pistols.
How old do you have to be to buy rifle ammo?
Purchase restrictions on ammunition, like all things firearm-related, are regulated by the ATF. ATF regulations state that the minimum age to purchase ammo matches the minimum age to purchase the relevant firearm. The age to purchase rifles is 18 years old, so it’s the same for rifle ammunition.
How much does rifle ammo cost?
Rifle ammunition varies in price based on caliber and other factors like supply and demand. Certain rifle calibers that are not in high demand and have a relatively low supply are priced differently than a .223 or 5.56 rifle round is. Rifle rounds have ranged from as low as $0.05 per round for .22 caliber rounds to over $10 for a 50 caliber round. Depending on fluctuations in supply, that scale will slide accordingly.
Where can I buy rifle ammo?
Rifles are very common firearms, so rifle ammunition is relatively easy to find. Every retailer of ammunition or firearms carries rifle ammunition of some kind, typically the most in demand calibers. Ammunition Depot is no exception; rifle ammo is one of the main categories available on the site.
Where should you store rifle ammo?
Rifle ammunition does not require special storage when compared to other ammunition. A dedicated room for storage is always preferred for ammunition storage but is not required. Any cool, dry location will suffice.
What is the best rifle ammo?
The short answer is the ammo that you have available. After that, the best ammunition is the one you can find that fits your budget and your firearm. Manufacturers make ammunition to fit certain specifications based on intended firearm and use. The best ammunition for you will be the one that most closely aligns with those for your situation.
Can I buy rifle ammo in bulk?
Yes, absolutely! Ammunition Depot and other ammo retailers have many rifle ammunition options available in bulk. You can find bulk rifle ammunition in a wide variety of calibers, including .223, 5.56 and 7.62×39 (just to name a few). Bulk rifle ammunition is readily available here and at other ammunition sellers.